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Care New England (CNE) Health System Compliance Program

The goal of Care New England's Compliance Program is to help guide and assist all employees in complying with all laws and regulations, and to provide a means to educate, communicate, monitor and report compliance issues. The program is a comprehensive effort to promote ethical, compliant and legal behavior while detecting and preventing fraud, waste, abuse and policy violations. Simply put, the CNE Compliance Program is designed to assist employees and business partners to integrate these values and effective performance improvement into all aspects of operations.  

The chief compliance officer (CCO) reports directly to the Board of Directors and the department functions independently of the operating divisions. The department's mission is to maintain a structure and process that promotes ethical behavior, compliance with legal requirements and CNE policies, resulting in quality care, accurate financial practices and organizational excellence.

Compliance Line Hotline (1-877-TELL-CNE)

A key element of the CNE Compliance Program is the telephone service called the ComplianceLine that can be accessed by dialing 1-877-835-5263.

The ComplianceLine is a completely confidential resource that can be used anonymously to allow all members of the CNE community to voice concerns over any situation that may conflict with CNE's commitment to excellence or to report misconduct that could give rise to legal liability if not corrected. An impartial independent company transcribes information reported by callers and communicates this information to the chief compliance officer (CCO) or his/her designee so that appropriate verification, investigation and resolution can take place. A unique code is assigned to each call for follow-up communication by the anonymous caller. 

The CCO provides regular reports to the Board's Audit & Compliance Committee that summarize ComplianceLine usage as well as any material findings from investigations resulting from calls and other similar communications.